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I live near Derby in England, UK and have done 2 best man speeches. My 'day job' is running Clifton Media, an interactive design agency concentrating on web design, branding and print).

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Why I have published this site and guide

The best man speech is a strange phenomenon which can strike fear into those who have to do them. You are put into a strange, stressful environment and have to perform to the best of your ability. Even seasoned entertainers are nervous about having to do the best man speech.

The content on the website is all free, and hopefully very useful. I have found an excellent way of learning is to watch other best men speeches (see video examples) and to get the basics right.

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The only thing on this site which I am selling is the �4.99 guide which is available as an instant download. The guide which takes about 10 minutes to read (26 pages) contains everything you need to know, including samples and examples, checklists and loads more.

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If you have any comments then please get in contact with me.

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