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To supplement this website, I have written a comprehensive 26 page guide which contains all the information required to write a best man speech in an easy to read format. It is available as an instant download for only�4.99 meaning that you will be able to read it as soon as you have purchased the guide.

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What does the guide contain?

The guide contains the following 7 chapters over 26 pages:

Chapter 1. Introduction

This chapter explores the psychology of the speech - why some people are terrified about doing the speech. If you are particularly nervous about speaking in public, then this chapter will help you by examining why you may be nervous and then recommending how to beat the nerves and be a confident speaker.

Chapter 2. Writing the Best man speech - Content

How to get ideas for the speech, what you should include in the speech, advice on how to make the speech personalised to the groom, how to structure the speech and how to use HUMOUR in the speech.

Chapter 3. Delivering the speech

How to cope with nerves, advice on body language and appearing confident to the audience.

Chapter 4. What not to do ...

More advice on what you definitely should not do!

Chapter 5. Extra Credit - Turn a good speech into a Great Speech!

Useful advice on using props, multimedia (e.g. filming interviews)

Chapter 6. Best man speech checklist

There is a useful checklist for you to run through before the speech

Chapter 7. Best man sample and example speeches

Taken from previous speeches sent in to me, these are some snippets which you can paste into your own speech - useful if you're short of time and/or ideas! I've also highlighted some jokes which you definitely should NOT use.

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