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Best man speech videos

What better way to learn about doing a speech than watching others who have done it previously.

I've indicated in the title whether the speech is UK or US based.

  1. UK Based speech - too slow and long
  2. UK speech - poorly delivered - he should have practiced more
  3. US speech - over sentimental gush
  4. Speech given as a poem
  5. UK - A nervous start - he uses the usual best man 'gags' but it is a good speech which is personalised to the groom
  6. US - A good speech which uses comedy to great effect

1 - UK - Too slow and long



The content of this speech is personalised to the groom - the stories which are recounted are obviously about the groom and he doesn't rely on the usual best man jokes stolen from various websites. Unfortunately, the delivery is too 'monotone' and the stories he tells are just too long winded. The best bits were really the few ad libs towards the end which were thrown in when the nerves were gone - these were appreciated by the audience.

This is only the first 5 minutes of the speech - the final 8 minutes can be found on youtube

2 - UK speech - poorly delivered - he should have practiced more


If you are nervous, it is good idea to break the ice by handing out the flowers and thanking the bridesmaids at the start of the speech which is what this best man does. Unfortunately, the delivery of this speech is poor - he reads the speech word for word and it shows that he is nervous by reading it too fast - this is probably the most common mistake. He also tries to break the ice by joking about his lack of presentation skills at the beginning. This is another common occurence from inexperienced speakers and it is generally a bad idea.He doesn't even start talking about the groom until 4 minutes into the speech (over half the way through!). For example, he should have cut out the opening waffle about the ushers and presented the initial flowers abit quicker! He spoke about the ushers more than the groom!

This best man seems to be good company down the pub, but he does try to overcome his nerves with some cocky jokes which didn't quite come off. If he had prepared and practiced the speech more, it would have come across much better. He finishes poorly by doing a toast and saying - 'and that's it' - far better to finish with a rousing toast!

3 - US speech - over sentimental gush


This is a speech which typifies many best man 'toasts' given by our American cousins - and shows the differences in approach between the US and UK. Maybe it's just me, but it is a really awful speech. He gives a really predictable hammy joke at the beginning which goes down really badly. He then doesn't do very well in thanking people at the start - he times it badly and only gets a couple of people clapping. Far too sentimental and gushy - "the last 8 years have been the best years of my life" - let me just take the finger out my throat. I'd love to see this speech given at a wedding in the UK!

4 - UK - Speech given as a poem


This is a speech given as a poem. I think poems can be a good idea but I don't think it's appropriate for the whole speech to be delivered in this way. It just goes on and on and is quite boring to listen to - you know you'll get a short joke at the end of every fourth line. If you are particularly nervous,however, then this may be the way to go because it can be practiced easily and doesn't need too much technique in delivery.

Unfortunately, t his best man doesn't deliver the poem very well. He is reading the speech too fast (one of the biggest mistakes made in best man speeches) but at least his voice is clear and he speaks quite loud. He should also have given the toast at the end - there were even people in the audience shouting out 'Toast!'

5 - UK - A nervous start - he uses the usual best man 'gags' but it is a good speech which is personalised to the groom


This is a UK speech which is well delivered, although the best man does admit to being nervous (which I don't think is a good idea).

6 - US - A good speech which uses comedy to great effect

A comfortable public speaker - he doesn't use notes which is good and seems very relaxed. He must have practiced the speech a great deal to achieve this

He also gives the groom abit of a roasting and tells some funny stories about how the groom / bride met (e.g. the picture he builds up of how the groom and bride met on the dance floor). He takes a moment of time and makes a great story about it - bringing in surreal moments (e.g. the gravitational force around his head ... fridges flying past etc).