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The worst best man speech ...

This must truly be one of the worst most cringeworthy best man speeches you'll ever see.

It is an American wedding and the bride looks like she is going to strangle the best man at any time. He makes the most inappropriate comments about the groom ... and the bride and completely misjudges what is required.

He starts off with a really bad joke - one which I've heard a number of times:

"Someone once said that being Best Man is like making love to Queen Elizabeth - sure it's an honour but noone wants to do it"

Then he goes on talking about how they had a stripper on the Stag night - "she had to be a Christian Stripper" ...

Just watch the bride's face throughout the speech - poor girl. Also watch the audience's face when he says:

"Their love is as certain as the destruction of Uncle Frank's liver"