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I've received some nice emails from various people around the world who have taken my advice on board and used it in their own speeches.

If you find the advice from this website or from my guide useful, then let me know. If there is something which isn't covered, then contact me



Hello Mark,

thanks for your wonderful guide. It was a life saver.The wedding was on october the 7th in ********.The speech was to my surprise great!!!!!!!....And what made it even better is that everybody else who gave a toast seem to have  not been prepared.

here is a summary of how i made my speech hope you find it useful.

  1. I initally googled  'bestman speech'  to get ideas for free however after many days i realised  i was getting no where...i decided to take a chance with your guide+ i had paypal account........this made it easier.....for on line safety.
  2. after reading your guide over and over again I used it to structure my speech I had the skeleton outline.....I did incooperate a few one liners....where it would flow seemlessly.
  3. I them signed up at and downloaded 10days to a better public speaking...and listen to twice.
  4. after getting my speech together I put my canon camcorder on a tripod and video taped my self give the speech.......needless to say the first time was terrible......I also realised i had to chance some stuff other did not flow.........i did this about three to four times until i got it right.
  5. the day of wedding i had speech in point form (in structure of your guide).I them only highlighted only few memory jogging words   as i try not to read from paper.

Thanks again Mark

Ricardo B - 10 October 2006


This was a great price for very useful advice, my speech was a huge success! thx

Name witheld - 2 October 2006


Your website asked for some feedback on the guide. I would like to say that of all the books I bought and websites I visited, your guide helped me the most. I would recommend it to anyone

David H - 2 December 2006



Everyone enjoyed the speech - I'm glad it's over now! thanks for your help

Paul E (6 December 2006)



Hi Mark,

I've purchased your best man speech guide which I've found very useful.  I was struggling with making myself get down and write my speech and it made me get focused and commit my thoughts to paper.  I've got the wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, it's going to be a formal wedding in London.

I wonder whether you could give my speech a review, any comments would be greatly appreciated.  I can then spend the next couple of weeks learning it rather than tinkering with the content.  I've put a couple of comments in red so you can the context of my comments.  The bride is xxxxxx and the groom xxxxxx.


Many thanks in advance


Nick - 12 June 2007