Best Man Speech & Wedding Toast - Free advice & tips

So you've visited websites which offer the usual lines and jokes for you to copy and paste into your best man speech ... if you think that this alone will make your speech memorable then you might as well stop reading.


If, instead, you want your speech to be thoughtful, funny and most of all personalised to the groom then read on ...

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Free Best Man Speech Advice and examples

The advice on this website and ebook is drawn from my own personal experience of having performed a best man speech twice and having coached others to write and perform theirs.

I've linked to some real video examples of best man speeches which you can watch for free - including the worst best man speech you'll ever see.

You have to remember that a great deal of time and money would have been spent to make the bride and groom's special day perfect. My guide will help you make a good one!


Best man speech ebook - half price - NOW ONLY£4.99!!

To supplement the website, I have written a 26 page best man speech ebook. available for instant download. You can read it in about 10-15 minutes and refer back to it whilst writing your speech for help and advice on writing a funny personalised speech. (You don't have to have a paypal account to pay - just use your credit / debit card.)





If you buy the guide, I will also give you a review of your speech by email.

At only £4.99, the guide is over half the price of the vast majority of the other ebooks available and also contains tips on beating your nerves and delivering the speech on the big day.

I have had some great feedback from people who have bought the guide in the past and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.